Western Pa Interscholastic Bowling League Copy

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Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Bowling League

Covid Protocol for Return to Play


Prior to Every Match:

  • Communicate with opposing coach 2 days before -  home coach reaches out

  • Complete the Health Verification Form prior to departure or upon arrival to the facility.  If your school issues a form to you, it is acceptable to use for you match.

  • Coaches exchange forms upon arrival

  • Centers will have areas for teams to store gear

  • Masks are to be worn at all times until bowling begins

    • Only bowlers may remove mask when on the approach

  • Observe social distancing guidelines and seating


    During the Match:

  • Roster 8 Boys/8 Girls - 5 Varsity and 3 Substitutes. Subs entering must be declared and move into spot 1-5

  • Bowl with YOUR team only on a pair - ex. Team A boys on 1-2, Team B 3-4, Team A Girls 7-8, Team B 9-10

  • List on pairs as Varsity 1-5 on one lane, subs 6-8 on second lane, ex. Team A on lanes 1-2, Varsity 5 listed on lane 2, subs on lane 1.

  • Varsity bowler 1 will not start 2nd frame until Varsity bowler 5 has completed frame 1. (Can bowl sooner if needed to pick up pace)

  • Teams switch pairs after each game - Home team chooses their starting pair

  • One pair in between if Possible

  • If 4 pairs are not available, format as follows:

    • Team A Lanes 1-2, team A boys(1) and Girls(2), Team B Lanes 3-4, Team B boys (3), and Girls(4).  Lanes 5-6, Practice only





General Guidelines:

  • Matches begin at 3pm - Highly Recommended

  • Hand sanitizer for each team - wash hands/sanitize upon entry

  • No sharing of equipment - balls, towels, water bottles, etc.

  • Only touch your equipment

  • No Unnecessary physical contact - high fives, handshakes,etc.

  • Contact visiting coaches with any information/restrictions


    Covid Protocols:

  • Matches may be postponed if:

    • Positive Tests(3 Players/Squad) - School Shutdowns - Mass Quarantines

    • Handled Case by case